We're not indians and we're not Native Americans.
We're older than both concepts.
We're the people, we're the human beings." - John Trudell


This collaboration with choreographer Kaner Flex is a tribute to native peoples and their fight for land through American history.  The Eagle, as the native spirit, protects the water from the dark Snake, representation of the pipeline industry.

Playing both characters, Kaner Flex incarnates America’s schizophrenia, the manner in which the country denies its roots. Fantasized as a mix between the iconic Native Eagle and the Mami Wata African Goddess, Kaner Flex dances with the spirit to protect the earth.

Inspired by the African diaspora and New Orleans Black Indians, we believe people are as sacred as their culture.
Art is our way of supporting the future of native people as leaders of this country.



The Team :
Created & produced by Holy Faya
Starring Kaner Flex
Music by GVIJIN
Sample of Daniel Sakechekapo

Directed by Nelly Zagury
Cinematography - Loris de Oliveira
Costume Design - Holy Faya

Assistant DOP - Romain Mounier
Assistant Camera - Maxime Pau
Editing - Hadrien Nicoloso / Loris De Oliveira
Color - Hadrien Nicoloso

Special thanks
Pierre Pascalie

The Original Music : 
Daniel Sakechekapo, Four Directions Prayer Son, Ojibwe language

"Wabano Giiwaabimaa Anishnawbe Shawinoong Giiwaabimaa Anishnawbe Nengabiiwwinoong Giiwaabimaa Anishnawbe
Kiiwaytinoong Giiwaabimaa Anishnawbe Gizhi Manitou Giiwaabimaa Anishnawbe"

"Eastern door is watching the people that have landed, Southern door is watching the people that have landed,  
Western door is watching the people that have landed, Northern door is watching the people that have landed,
Creator is watching the people that have landed."