When you think about an erotic comic strip made by women, what would it look like? 
Fond of hip-hop and poetry, we're always trying to push forward in our quest for bolder fantasies.
We're thrilled to show you a dazzling and enticing comic strip, "Kali Uchis & The Octopus".
This is the story of an oceanic cowgirl, inspired by a young singer we love, Kali Uchis, who is on a journey for pleasure, freedom and love, all with a hint of the erotic. 

It's all about celebrating womanhood, poetic curves and orgasmic fairy tales. 
Welcome in the bootylicious adventures of the oceanic cowgirl. Enjoy!

Kali uchis & the octopus, THE NECKLACE

This is a miniature hand painted python choker with 14 karat gold closure and Swarovski embroidery crystals.  
If you want yours, just click and we'll have the flying horses carry it to your home.