The Black Crook was a renowned goldsmith. Dealing with the Evil, he lost his soul and the love of Stalacta, the Goddess of the Cavern. Mad, foolish and lonely, he's now giving life to a creature in his laboratory. Hoping to still the Holy Faya, get back his soul and Stalacta's love.

This magic collaboration with French rapper KillASon was inspired by the tale of Frankenstein. Fantasized as a sexy wizard, the Black Crook is a freaky mad scientist mix between the fairy tale sorcerer and some 70’s Pimp Style, tossed together with a touch of Santeria.

The Black Crook, Music by KillASon - Created & directed by Holy Faya
Guest Starring - Bats The Creature / Cinematography - Alexandre Degardin / Post production - Fiat Lux NYC