Nirina Lune is an exquisite French R&B singer and rapper. In the Holy Faya Story, she embodies the role of the fairy tale Princess Amina. Secretly in love with the poor artist Rodolphe, she delicately sings of this impossible love, a girl struggling between her crazy stepmom and her coconut daydreams...
Fruit of the delicious mix between a hula dancer & the Virgin Mary, Amina takes us to an erotic island, where we dream of leopard palm trees & bootylicious seashells.

Discover Holy Faya's work : inspirations, drawings, 3D models, costumes creation, decors & music video direction.


No crown, no queen right?! Amina’s got some magic tricks to make all the ladies jealous ;) 
To reach beyond the mirror, the Princess pierces her mother of pearl heart with the gold sword of #Aka Necklace. When she wants to feel linked to her secret lover, she puts her #Aloha chain around her delicate neck. To design the Princess magic items, Holy Faya mixes 3D printing technology with jewelry tradition and crafts: 14K gold, mother of pearl and python are combined with bioplastic.


Featuring Nirina Lune
Directed by Holy Faya
Cinematography - Jessica Kingdon
Post production & additional footage - Alexandre Degardin